When Is Colon Cancer Awareness Month Can Be Commemorated?

When Is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

When is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

When Is Colon Cancer Awareness Month usually commemorated? I will answer that question along with an explanation about colon cancer.One type of cancer that grows and develops in the organs of the colon or human rectum is commonly referred to as colorectal cancer or colon cancer.

When Is Colon Cancer Awareness Month? The answer is March is a nationally defined month as CRC consciousness or corrosion cancer by the American Society for Endoscopic Digestion (ASGE), the American Society is part of a physician’s representative on endoscopy and colon cancer screening, supporting the community to speak to their families about their family history who have had polyps or colon cancer. On the ground, people will spill colon cancer as a form of caring.

About Colon Cancer

After knowing when the month of colon cancer awareness, now changed to the explanation of colon cancer or colon cancer. Polyps are growths in the intestines that can turn into cancer.

For people with a family history of colon cancer or polyps, I recommend screening for cancer at age 40 or younger. Although it has a family history of colon cancer sufferers who have a high risk of developing colon cancer, most of the colon cancer emerges from people without a history of the disease in the family. Therefore, ASGE recommends guidelines for people who have an average risk of disease at the age of 50 years.

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At the very least, knowing family health history is very important because this study shows that people who ranked first relative to parents, siblings, or children.

Colon cancer or polyps have a higher risk because they can develop their own shymptom. The most important thing is to consider the age that is an important factor for the presence of colon or colon cancer if you are about 40 years old or younger, I hope you do now from the beginning of the relative age affected by the diagnosis.

This is highly recommended when looking at colon cancer is a preventable disease and some reports mention if the mortality rate has slowly dropped significantly since the 1970s.

Polyps and Colon Cancer

Colon cancer or colon cancer is often found by specialists in the colon or rectum and usually develops slowly, over the years of precancerous polyps. Polyps have two types, namely adenomatous polyps and hyperplastic polyps. Adenomatous polyps are benign growths of precancerous which, if not eliminated, become cancerous, while hyperplastic polyps are growth if in the absence of the potential to develop into cancer.

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Because colon cancer or colon cancer is slowly developing, screening for this disease is very important because doctors still have the possibility of finding and removing polyps before developing and becoming cancerous. Screening can be done at age 50 and may be earlier 10 years (40 years) to repeat the procedure every ten years after the exam. For individuals who have a history of colon cancer from the family, it is expected to screen at age 40 or younger according to physician advice. Well, looking at the horror in the early stages of cancer diagnosis, it’s no wonder the month of March made as a month of colon cancer awareness. Hopefully the information about When Is Colon Cancer Awareness Month is beneficially help you and your closest people.



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