Factors Affect Stage 4 Metastasis Breast Cancer Survival Rate

Stage 4 Metastasis Breast Cancer Survival Rate

How the Stage 4 Metastasis Breast Cancer Survival Rate? Stage 4 is also called metastasis breast cancer. This term refers to the condition in where the malignant cancer cells from the origin place (breast) have traveled to the other parts of the organs. If this stage is being diagnosed it will be difficult to get effective treatment of breast cancer. But the fact shows that sometimes it occurs when original cancer is diagnosed.

This is very dangerous, isn’t it? That is why the best suggestion is to take further action if there is such an abnormal feeling in your breast. It may include, breast pain, breast lump that doesn’t go away, nipple changes, swelling and etc. before going worst, you should get treatment early. How about Stage 4 Metastasis Breast Cancer Survival Rate? This article will lead you to understand the topic.

Stage 4 Metastasis Breast Cancer Survival Rate

Stage 4 means the cancer cells have spread throughout the body. It will very difficult to treat and get recovery. In fact, the treatment at this stage is only to a longer life of the patient. There are some factors that can support the Breast Cancer Survival Rate. Pay attention to the following points.

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Professional treatment

Getting professional treatment means helping you to survive longer. Breast cancer treatment at this stage may be difficult but still can support your life when diagnosed stage 4 breast cancer. The systemic treatment will be given by oncologist. It includes chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and radiation therapy (if the tumors exist in brain and bones).

Dietary choice

Doing diet can increase the quality life of the stage 4 breast cancer. The oncologist may give some advice how to set the daily menu to gain the healthier body.

Doing exercise

There are some positive effects that you can get by doing exercise. Such as, increase the body strength, improve mood, stress reducing, and also can reduce side effect that occurs from medical treatment.  All of that will affect the cancer survival. But still, it is better to ask your doctor about the kind of exercises that you can do in this stage of cancer.

Stage 4 Metastasis Breast Cancer Survival Rate

After understanding the factors that can support cancer survival, now let’s talk about how the survival rates in stage 4 metastasis breast cancer.

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Based on National Cancer Institute statistic at 2012, the survival rate for the women which is diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer is only 22% can survive until 5 years. But it is quite dated because the treatment is improving all the times. A recent study found that 37% women can survive for three years after a stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis, but there are some women can survive longer than it. Although this rate statistic is meaningless to some individual because there is a small category of stage 4 breast cancer survivor (about 2%) who can beat the odd and life for years.

Through Stage 4 Metastasis Breast Cancer Survival Rate understanding, you will get the warning that to prevent this disease is better than getting treatment after diagnosis. But, if you already undergo the breast cancer treatment, keep in mind that nobody can give the best support except yourself. That is why never stop hoping.



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