Stage 4 Lung Cancer Symptoms and Signs Warns You Though!

Stage 4 Lung Cancer Symptoms

Stage 4 Lung Cancer Symptoms and Signs refers to the symptoms and signs in which the cancer cells already spread and hard to be handled. The spreading of that cells are varied, whether it travels and grows into the other parts of lung or it spread into the other part of the body. This advanced stage of lung cancer could be the danger the cancer sufferer life.

For the curing, surgery will not work at this stage because of its spreading. In fact, it becomes hard to diagnose lung cancer at an early stage before doing the medical checkup. Different with Stage 4 Lung Cancer Symptoms and Signs, the sufferer might be easier to get noticed from its symptoms and signs. Because of that, some patients get treatment in an advanced stage of lung cancer.

Be Aware with Lung Cancer Warning

People who suffer lung cancer whether men or women have some symptoms and signs that warn them about their disease. But the common symptoms and signs in the early stage sometimes won’t make the sufferer feels necessary to visit doctors such as when they experience persistent coughing and chest pain. Most of them are diagnosed when cancer cells have spread and their disease becomes advanced. Whereas in this stage the treatment is only to make symptoms easier to handle that might longer their life expectancy. Now, it is better to understand Lung Cancer Symptoms and Signs in Stage 4.

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Stage 4 Lung Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Stage 4 is also called metastasis. It begins in the lung and spread to the other areas of the body. If you have lung cancer at this stage, you may experience the following symptoms and signs:

  • If it is spreading on your bones, it may produce excruciating pain at the spots of bone engrossment. Lung cancer at this stage really warns with terrible pain that sufferer can feel.
  • Cancer that has spread to the brain may cause a number of neurologic symptoms, includes:
  • Blurred vision, cancer cells that break brain function can affect in eyes also.
  • Headaches, it is common when happening in short time but if it comes persistently in a long time, perhaps it signs a lung cancer or another cancer in the brain.
  • Seizures, cancer cells which travel to the brain will result in seizures in the brain. Perhaps there will be bleeding in the brain or the other.
  • Symptoms of stroke-like weakness or loss of sensation of the body. The brain as the controller of all body movements can result from stroke and paralyze of the body parts.
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Nonspecific symptoms. This symptom also occurs in the other cancers, not specific in lung cancer only. The symptoms include:

  • Weight loss
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Psychological symptoms such as depression and mood change

If you experience two or more the Stage 4 Lung Cancer Symptoms and Signs above, my advice is you must visit the doctor soon. In fact, the treatment in this stage will be more difficult but it is still important to help you in survive. Finally, your psychological condition will determine the treatment result. Becoming stress or depression is not good for you. Try to courage yourself and enjoy what life gives you. Sharing with family and beloved one can give much motivation through your ongoing treatments.


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