Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate Still Have A Hope! (Opinion in Oxford, UK)

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

Stage 4 breast cancer survival rate may affect the patient’s psychological condition which may also affect treatment success. Not only families with breast cancer, patients also often want to know the statistics of their survival at the same time, while others try to close the desire. Especially after knowing the cancer is Stage 4.

The Age of Breast Cancer Patient Survival

Stage 4 breast cancer survival rate of about five years refers to the percentage of patients living at least five years since the diagnosis of cancer. But not a few patients can live longer than five years after diagnosis. Can also patients who diagnosed with cancer died from other things.

In an effort to obtain five years of survival, doctors need to see people or patients treated at least five years ago or treated intensively. Improvements in treatment since diagnosis will result in a more favorable outlook for patients with breast cancer and those closest to it.

The survival rates are often based the previous result from most of all people with the breast cancer disease. but who can predict it?! they can’t predict what happens to each patient with breast cancer.

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There are a variety of factors that influence one’s outlook regarding breast cancer survival rates, such as age and health, and the presence of hormone receptors in cancer cells. If you are suffering from this illness, your doctor will tell you about the numbers-which I will describe below-because the doctors are well aware of your situation.

Statistics of Stage 4 Breast Cancer Patient Survival

Available statistics do not simply divide the Breast Cancer Survival Rate by all substages, such as IA and IB. This level is available for substages that tend to be close to the overall level.

For example, survival rates for people with stage IA are likely to be slightly higher than those Ilisted, whereas survival rates for IB have slightly lower expectations.

Although not all events can be traced through systematic estimates. I will show you data taken from some common cases so that you or anyone near you have a reference in the face of breast cancer.

According to the study, patients with stage 1 breast cancer have a life expectancy of 93%, while patients with stage I live life expectancy of 88%.

  • For patients with stage IIA breast cancer, the percentage of life expectancy decreased to 81% and will fall to 74% for patients with stage IIB.
  • For patients with stage IIIA, their life expectancy after treatment fell to 64%, while life expectancy for those with stage IIIB cancer had a life expectancy dropped to 41%.
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This figure surprisingly rose by 8% to 49% for patients with stage IIIC breast cancer but dropped very drastically to 15% alone for patients with stage 4 cancer. Although the life expectancy of patients, regular treatment can reduce symptoms and increase the number life expectancy.

Understanding Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

If you or anyone closest to the diagnosis has stage 4 breast cancer, then the cancer is known as metastatic breast cancer. Breast cancer survival rate is defined to have spread beyond the breast tissue to other areas of the body.

Metastasis is a term that has an understanding when a cancer has spread beyond the body parts of the place of origin. Some cases of breast cancer that have been diagnosed with stage 4 mean that cancer has spread or reached the lungs, bones, liver, even brain. Metastatic breast cancer is not the same for all patients as the symptoms at the stage depend on the extent of cancer spread in the body. Although up to now metastatic breast cancer or stage 4 has no cure, incentive treatment can increase the percentage of patient survival. Receiving proper treatment will improve the quality of life and stage 4 breast cancer survival rate.


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