Signs of Lung Cancer in Men That You Should Know

Signs of Lung Cancer in Men

Signs of Lung Cancer in Men can’t be always seen by us. Lung cancer is cancer that attacks lung areas. This cancer becomes one of the most killers in worldwide. For men and women, lung comes with many different ways. According to the data, the survival rate for the men in lung cancer is lower than to the women.

But in the recent years, unlike the women, the death rate is dropped for the lung cancer in men. The average age for this cancer is 71. It is because of the smoking habits of the men while some types of lung cancer are highly associated with smoking. Through this article, you will be lead to understand more about Signs of Lung Cancer in Men.

Be Aware of the Signs of Lung Cancer in Men

You as a man, maybe have the bad habit in your daily life such as; smoking. The smoking habit has negative effects on your body. This is also the most causal factor that leads you to suffer lung cancer. Perhaps now you meet the signs of lung cancer that you don’t aware. That is why it so important to understand about its signs to help early diagnosis of lung cancer. In the following, Lung Cancer Signs in Men.

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Pay attention on these signs:

  • Have a look at these several signs and symptoms based on types of lung cancer in men:
  • Non-small cell lung cancers. There are three main types of this cancer such as; lung adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, large cell carcinoma. For the men, the second type is common. The symptoms include:
  • A chronic cough, if you suffer a chronic cough in a long time and still even after curing, you have to be careful with that.
  • Coughing up blood, blood out when coughing is common dangerous. It means there is a problem with your lung.
  • Wheezing, when you feel wheezing, that is uncommon and perhaps a sign of lung cancer.
  • Shortness of breath, this is not always associated with lung cancer. Sometimes it is because of less of exercise. But, you still have to be careful about that and visit the doctor to check it.
  • Hoarseness, this is same with the sign above. Hoarseness is not always signing of lung cancer. But this appears as a common when a person suffers lung cancer.
  • Repeated lung infection such as pneumonia or bronchitis, or lung collapse due to obstruction of the airways by the tumor.
  • Small cell lung cancer. the symptoms occur perhaps only in short time before the diagnosis is made.
  • Coughing up blood
  • Obstruction leading to lung collapse
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Paraneoplastic syndrome, this is a group of symptoms caused by a hormone. It includes; elevated calcium level in the blood, a low sodium level, weakness in the upper limbs, loss of coordination, and muscle cramps.

By knowing the signs and symptoms of lung cancer in men, you already have awareness about this cancer. To aware means, you put more attention and perhaps taking further action to prevent the serious condition. As the tips to prevent lung cancer in men, you should stop smoking; and also avoid secondhand smoke because this is more dangerous for your body. Exercise and eat the healthy diet menu are the best that you can do to decrease the change of lung cancer. It is enough for Signs of Lung Cancer in Men that you should aware. Now, your turn to change your habit to be healthier.


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