Risk Factor That Linked to The Lung Cancer Symptoms in Female

Lung Cancer Symptoms in Female

The difference between men and Lung Cancer Symptoms in Female, one of them is in the way they suffer cancer for instance in lung cancer. As in the survival rate, men with lung cancer are lower than women. But the rate for the death in lung cancer is high for the women while men are dropping.

For the women, lung cancer case is now stabilizing after increasing in many years while it is decreasing for the man’s case. As we know that, lung cancer can kill anyone who suffers it. That is why as a woman you need to look closer to what Lung Cancer Symptoms in Female.

Risk Factor That Women Should Know

Before we talk about FemaleLung Cancer Symptoms, it is better to know what are the risk factors. Lung cancer comes to the women because of many factors. One of them is a bad habit of the women who like smoking. Although the level of smoking to the women and men are different, women may have the lower level. Smoking cigarettes and inhalation of secondhand smoke are the greatest factors to the lung cancer. The other risk factors which are similar to the men;

  • Family history, this can occur when you have the family member who suffers the same disease. Some of the cancers are caused by gen.
  • Prior medical history of lung cancer or disease
  • Exposure to asbestos, smoke, or radon.
  • Poor diet. To get healthy body you can do diet program, as equal if you never adjust your food and do diet, perhaps you will get the disease.
  • Cigarette smoking. As explained above, smoking has bad impacts to your body. It can be a factor to get lung cancer.
  • Exposure secondhand smoke. Not only smoking, exposure to its smoke is also bringing bad effect to your body.
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Have a Look at the Lung Cancer Symptoms in Female

Men and women sometimes meet the similar symptoms in lung cancer. The difference is the only little bit.

  • A persistent and worsening cough

Coughing persistent and worsening can be a sign that you have cancer in the lung. If you experience like this, you need to do the medical check-up to prevent the bigger possibility.

  • Ongoing chest pain

This is very clear for you. If you feel pain in chest in a long time perhaps it means lung cancer. Be aware and be careful.

  • Coughing up blood

Blood out when coughing is common dangerous. It means there is a problem with your lung.

  • Wheezing, hoarseness of the voice, shortness of breath

Experience these three points without any reason and persistent in a long time becomes so dangerous. It can be a sign that your lung is not right.

  • Difficulty swallowing

Loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue

These are the symptoms in the advanced stage of lung cancer. it will be really clear if your body turns to be weak every day, losing weight without doing exercise, and feel unfriend with food.

  • Recurrent lung infections, such as pneumonia or bronchitis

Anyone who feels two or more these Lung Cancer Symptoms in Female should take further action like doing the medical checkup. It is good to get clear explanation whether it is lung cancer or the other diseases. In fact, most of the women can be helped because of curing it in an early stage.

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