Radiation Mask for Brain Cancer and Its Benefit Toward Radiation Therapy

Radiation Mask for Brain Cancer

Radiation Mask for Brain Cancer is one of cancer treatment. There are two types of brain tumors, they are malignant and benign. Brain cancer is also called malignant tumor, grows in areas of the brain. A brain tumor itself is a group of abnormal cells that grow in or around the brain. While benign brain tumors don’t have cancer cells slow growing.

Some of the brain cancer causal factors are environmental and genetic. Living in an unhealthy environment may cause damage in the brain until tumors or cancer. For instance, someone who works as miners that always be exposed to chemical substances can increase the risk of brain cancer. Besides that, family history of brain cancer can increase the possibility to get this cancer also. This article will be focused on explain Radiation Mask for Brain Cancer.

What is Radiation mask for Brain Cancer?

There are some ways that usually used to treat brain cancer. It includes surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted biological agents, or a combination of these. The kind of treatments depends on size and type of tumor, the growth, brain location, and the general health of the patient. If it is still in the first stage, the treatment recommended is surgery. Where radiation therapy may be chosen if tumors are hard to treat with surgery.

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Do you know the types of radiation therapy might work for your symptom?! There are three types of radiation therapy; intensity—modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), stereotactic radiosurgery, three—dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3D-CRT), and brachytherapy. In this kind of therapy, using radiation mask is sometimes advised to the brain cancer patients. That mask is used in head and face area when doing therapy. But do we really need Brain Cancer Radiation Mask?

Do We Need Mask in Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy is a treatment for brain tumors and cancer by applying radiation to the patients. It can help for those who want invisible rays shooting through them. For safety purpose, the therapists may advise using radiation mask. Mask gives some benefits to its patient such as:

  • It can reduce some negative effects from radiation therapy. Some of the patients are afraid to what radiation can affect to their body. But no more worries because by using radiation mask, it can help to reduce radiation side effects.
  • It can help the patient to be quieter and don’t make any movements on the table when radiation therapy ongoing. It is because less movement means more precision and accuracy of radiation.
  • The mask provides a durable, reproducible position for treatment. It means the position of your head can stay calm during the treatment. The result will be more maximal.
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Moreover,wearing Radiation Mask for Brain Cancer for safety purpose still has a negative side. If the mask applies on your head, then it will become hardens when it is cool. That mask becomes enduring because of capturing facial expression during treatment undergoing. Such as, fear expression and anxiety. Some of the patients won’t see it anymore, another takes it as a display to courage others.



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