Knowing How Fast Does Bladder Cancer Grow and the Risk Factor to Prevent in UK

How Fast Does Bladder Cancer Grow

How Fast Does Bladder Cancer Grow?

Did you know How Fast Does Bladder Cancer Grow? Bladder cancer is a cancer that attacks the bladder areas. It is an abnormal cells growth or tumors in the bladder lining. The technical term for most bladder cancer is transitional cell carcinoma. Underneath the bladder lining there is such the muscle tissue, it is responsible to push out the urine at the time of voiding. When the cells grow abnormally, there will be no symptoms as noticed to you until bleeding into urine episode is happened. If this is appearing you must meet with the urologist to check your bladder cancer risk.

Cause and Risk Factors of Bladder Cancer

The bladder cancer causal is actually still unclear. It is usually connected with smoking habit, shelf of chemical substances, parasite infection, and also radiation. Those also can affect How Fast Does Bladder Cancer Grow. Look at the several risks in bladder cancer:

  1. Number of Age. Your age increasing is the most risk to suffer this cancer
  2. Gender factor. In general, men have much risk to suffer bladder cancer than to the women
  3. Cancer treatment. If you ever undergo a cancer treatment in your lifetime it means you have high risk to suffer bladder cancer
  4. Chronic bladder infection. This chronic infection will become bladder cancer in long time
  5. Gen factor. If you have parents or family who suffer bladder cancer, it means you will have high risk in bladder cancer
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The Grade of Bladder Cancer

Grading means an important part of assessing bladder cancer according to how fast and aggressive the cells of cancer under the microscope. If you are positive in suffering bladder cancer, you have to know the grade of this cancer.

  1. Grade 1 or low grade is the least aggressive meaning that the tumor is less likely to spread
  2. Grade 2 is moderately aggressive
  3. Grade 3 or high grade is the most aggressive and most likely to grow and spread.

Besides that, you will need to know about the stage of the bladder cancer. The stage is an indication of tumor location. Have a look to the cancer stages below.

  • Superficial tumors. This stage is included in low grade, superficial tumors are relatively innocuous. This is not dangerous for the sufferer. The tumors can be cured by simple removal and do not require further treatment.
  • Invasive tumors. In this stage, the tumor is more dangerous than the superficial. The bladder tumor is in high grade or fast growing
  • Metastatic bladder cancer. This is advanced and the most dangerous stage of bladder cancer. The tumor has been spread throughout the body in the blood stream or through the lymphatic system.
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From the grade and stage explanation above, you already known How Fast Does Bladder Cancer Grow? The growth of this kind of cancer is faster according to its stage and grade. The most important you should do is that you must take preventive action to prevent the cancer spreading. Take medical checkup despite if you have high risk to suffer bladder cancer.


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