Early and Later Signs of Breast Cancer That You Should Aware

signs of breast cancer

What Are Some Signs of Breast Cancer? Breast cancer can happen to every woman in average ages 20 – 50 years. But the fact shows that, not only to the women, men also have change suffering this disease although it is still rare. To the men, this is still uncommon because the growths of male breast cells are less than female breast cells. In the early stage, the common signs of this cancer are pain and lump in the breast tissue whether women or men. But not all the lump signs cancer, to get a clear diagnose it is better to visit the doctor.

Is breast pain give the Early Sign?

Sometimes there is pain feeling in the breast area that makes you feel worried about that whether it is cancer or not. Breast pain is actually not always associated with breast cancer, but you have to still do some test to get the clear explanation from the doctor. Stress, menstruation and unfitting bra are the causes which are associated with the pain. So the best is using bra which is suitable to your breast size. If the pain doesn’t go away, then you need to be careful about that. In this article, you will find What Are Some Signs of Breast Cancer that proved to aware you about this typical cancer.

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Breast Cancer Signs That You Should Aware

The seriousness condition of your breast cancer depends on your early awareness about this cancer. To look at some signs of breast cancer below to be more understanding.

Early signs of breast cancer:

  • Changes in the shape of the nipple. If one or both of nipples get changed in shape, it means you have to be careful.
  • Breast pain that doesn’t go away after your next period. Pain in a breast is actually associated with menstruation period, but if it doesn’t stop in a long time perhaps it is notice of cancer
  • A new lump is staying whether after your next period. Same with pain, you should be careful if the lump in your breast is still there until your next and next period.
  • Nipple discharge from one breast that is clear, red, brown, or yellow. Different color of nipples associated with early signs of breast cancer.
  • Redness, swelling, skin irritation, itchiness, or rash on the breast. If you cannot understand the cause of these things, it warns you to meet the doctor soon.
  • Swelling or a lump around the collarbone or under the arm. This is associated with lymph nodes as the sign if there is something wrong in the body.
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Later signs of breast cancer:

  • Retraction or inward turning of the nipple
  • Enlargement of the breast
  • Breast surface is dimpling
  • An existing lump that gets bigger
  • An “orange peel” texture to the skin
  • Vaginal pain
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Lymph nodes turn enlarged in the armpit area
  • Visible veins on the breast

You already knew What Are Some Signs of Breast Cancer. If you have one or several of these signs, take a further action to get early treatment. You know that the rate of cancer survival life depends on the stage of its cancer. This is very important for your life.



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