Cecum Cancer Survival Rate: Understand and Survive Longer

cecum cancer survival rate

Cecum Cancer Survival Rate is divided into four main parts includes cecum and ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, and sigmoid colon. Cancer in cecum means there are some cancer cells that grow in cecum area. According to the American Cancer Society, the percentage to suffer this kind of cancer is only 15 to 20 percent.

The cecum is a least commonplace for colon cancer to occur. Rectum and sigmoid colon are the most common place to get cancer. In addition, cecum has function to absorb nutrients and fluid from the stool, start the transformation to the waste. The cecum is located in the right lower area of the abdomen. You know what it is possible to live without cecum. So what about Cecum Cancer Survival Rate?

What to Expect?

Survival Rate of Cecum Cancer is a standard way that is used by a doctor to discuss patient of cecum cancer’s outlook. In most of the cancer cases including the cecum, cancer is 5 years survival. But there are many patients can live longer than it. Every survivor always has a big expectation when getting cecum cancer diagnosis. One thing that should keep in mind that the survival rate can be higher or lower depends on the individual differences in against cancer although the stage of cancer is important to get the best result of treatment.

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Pay Attention to the Factors Affect Cecum Cancer Survival Rate

The 5-years survival rate based on the percentage of cancer patients who can survive at least five years which is counted from the time they got the diagnosis. Of course, there are many factors affecting the survival rate. It may include treatment received, the grade and the growth of its tumors, the age, and health condition of the patient. Pay attention to the following explanation to understand more about the factors.

  • Treatment received

The treatment in cecum cancer is varied includes surgery chemotherapy and radiation. The survival rate of cecum cancer patient can be affected by the treatment received. If the body has the positive deal with its treatment, it will increase the life possibility. But if the body against the treatment like chemotherapy, it will be difficult to be cured.

  • The grade and the growth of tumors

Most of the cancer curing depends on the grade and growth of its tumors. The patient can live longer if the stage of cancer is still in early when diagnosed. The survival percentage will become lower if the stage of cancer is in advanced when diagnosed.

  • Age

This is very important to determine the result of treatment. Older age of patient will decrease the life possibility.

  • Health condition

The health condition of the patient is also important to determine the survival rate in cecum cancer. Some others health issues can affect the way patient can survive shorter or longer. Cecum Cancer Survival Rate as discussed above is the way to understand more about cecum cancer. If you are being diagnosed with cecum cancer, it is better to discuss this topic with your doctor. More knowledge about your disease can help to know how the way to survive longer. Hopefully, you can beat your cancer and get a better life.

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