Knowing What Does Aflac Cancer Policy Cover as Personal Coverage

Aflac Cancer Policy Cover

Talking about cancer, What Does Aflac Cancer Policy Cover? Here will be explained. Did you know what Aflac is? Aflac (American Family Life Assurance Company) is a public company that originated in the United State of America as the largest supplemental insurance provider there. They provide financial protection to more than 50 million people around the world. This company offers several types of insurances, includes; accident, the specified disease of cancer, dental, hospital confinement, hospital intensive care, life, lump sum cancer, lump sum cancer critical illness, specified health event, short-term disability, vision, and so on. In cancer, Aflac is a pioneer in 1958 (see Wikipedia).

Benefits of Aflac Cancer Policy Cover

If you or your family is being diagnosed with cancer, Aflac comes to help you by financial comfort and protection. They offer fast paying for those who claim the insurance. There are many benefits that you can get from Aflac cancer policy.  Their coverage is portable that will make you can be free to take your own planning due to changes of jobs or retire.  In addition, Aflac will pay you with cash for the costs you need. Well, to understand more let’s talk about What Does Aflac Cancer Policy Cover?

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Aflac Cancer Policy Cover that You Should Take Consider

The coverage of Aflac cancer policy, especially for the individual or personal coverage here will be explained:

  • Hospital confinement benefit. Aflac will pay $300 for each day any covered person hospitalized and charged as an inpatient for the first 30 days of cancer treatment. The benefit will increase starting from 31st day.
  • Radiation and chemotherapy benefit. You need up to 300 USD per day to any covered person. You will receive one or more of the following cancer treatments for the purpose of modification or destruction.
  • Experimental treatment benefit. The benefit doesn’t pay for laboratory tests, diagnostic X-rays, immunoglobulins, immunotherapy, and so on.
  • Anti-nausea benefit. If a person receives anti-nausea drugs that are prescribed while receiving radiation or chemotherapy treatments, Aflac will pay up to $100.
  • Nursing services benefit. This is to cover the person who confined to a hospital for the full time private care.
  • Surgical / anesthesia benefit. When a surgical operation is performed on a covered person for an internal cancer diagnosis.
  • Skin cancer surgery benefit. The person in the surgical operation performed for a skin cancer diagnosis.
  • Prosthesis benefit. This is for the person in surgically implanted prosthetic devices that are prescribed as a direct result of surgery for cancer treatment.
  • Outpatient blood and plasma benefit. They give benefit for blood/plasma, processing, blood administration, cross-matching, and transfusion fees for treatments cancer.
  • In-hospital blood and plasma benefit. This cover during a confinement hospital, like if a person receives blood/plasma, blood processing, blood administration, cross-matching and transfusion fees.
  • Second surgical opinion benefit. This benefit is payable for the person in second surgical opinion concerning cancer surgery for a diagnosed cancer by a licensed physician.
  • National cancer institute (NCI) evaluation / consultation benefit. A person who seeks consultation and evaluation at the place pointed because of receiving the internal cancer diagnosis.
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Still, there are several benefits that you as the individual can get from Aflac policy cover such as, Ambulance and transportation benefits. Now ends up of What Does Aflac Cancer Policy Cover, hopefully, you can get better by applying in Aflac Company.


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