9 Signs of Testicular Cancer and How to Prevent

Signs of Testicular Cancer

What Are the Signs of Testicular Cancer? There are many medical conditions that suffered by all genders. To the men, Testicular cancer is a very serious illness which attacks male in the testis areas, inside the scrotum underneath penis. This kind of cancer is actually rare. It can kill the patient until 11%-13% of all cancer deaths of men with the average 15-35 ages in America.

First to see the signs of testicular cancer, perhaps you will meet with signal like body changes. But not all the men with this kind of changes suffer cancer.Although like that, you still have to be careful to what the possibility will be happened in the future. Knowing What Are the Signsof Testicular Cancer help you to be more understand about this kind of disease.

9 Signs of Testicular Cancer That You Should Understand

If you feel one or more of these 10 signs below then you have to be careful of the testicular cancer. Here, we will describeabout the signs, pay attention to the What Are the Signs of Testicular Cancer.

  1. There is a lump in or on your testicle is the most common sign
  2. Testicle or scrotum lump or enlarge. If you feel that underneath your pea is going abnormal size, you are possibly suffering testicular cancer.
  3. Testicle is shrinking. Not only enlarged testicle but also shrinking testicle can be a sign that you have cancer.
  4. A feeling of heaviness in the scrotum. If you feel that your scrotum becomes heavy, it maybe indicates cancer.
  5. A dull ache in the lower abdomen or in the groin.
  6. A collection of fluid in the scrotum.
  7. Discomfort or pain in testicle or in the scrotum.If it is not like usual, it means you have to take early action.
  8. Enlargement or tenderness of the breasts. This sign could be happened if there is a problem connected with testicle or scrotum.
  9. Enlarged or swollen lymph nodes or masses. If the cancer has spread, swollen lymph nodes could be occurred. As we know that lymph nodes usually become swollen if there is a problem in the body.
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Several signs in advanced testicular cancer:

  • Fatigue, almost all the cancer signals is fatigue. If you get so weak and tired in long time without doing hard working it could be the sign of cancer.
  • Weight loss, with no effort this becomes so frightening. How could your body turn to be tiny without diet or exercises?
  • Early puberty in boys, you have to be careful if you are the younger boy with early puberty.
  • Low back painand chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Blood clot
  • Stomach or belly pain, feeling pain in long time can be a sign that you have cancer cell in your testicular.
  • Headaches and confusion

How to Prevent This Killer Cancer

Testicular cancer is frightening disease to the men. If you feel one or two of those signs, it is better not to be panic. It could be cured by the treatment from the doctor such as surgery. Actually, how to prevent the testicular cancer? Perhaps it is very difficult to prevent testicular cancer after feeling and understand What Are the Signs of Testicular Cancer. Some doctors recommend routine once in a month self-testing to your testicle condition if there is a problem such as cancer. You only need to roll each testicle between the thumb and fingers of both hands. If you feel hard lump or nodules you should visit a doctor to know the diagnosis clearly.

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